Agenda Show 2012 NYC has come and went, but not before leaving an impression of how diverse this streetwear and active sportswear market has become. With over 100 brands showcasing their current and future collections, owners, artists, photographers, editors, industry celebrities, bloggers, etc. were in attendance to appreciate the zeitgeist and Agenda’s new temporary gargantuan space. With two days and two floors, a couple of art installations, a stocked bar, and swarms of people in booths, Agenda Show at NYC’s 82 Mercer St. was ready to astound buyers with its growing tradeshow appeal. Though it was nice to see more brand’s for women as in the previous Agenda NYC show. It seems one of the main directions brands is to delve deeper in vintage inspired wear, but with more faux vintage fabric or aging methods. Also seeing a large spike in popularity is more accessories for men. Now, one can cringe at the idea of young men walking around with more jewelry than already worn, but one cannot deny some of these brand’s creations. Ranging from socks,watches, belts, hats, bracelets, rings and produced with various materials, cotton, metal (some only plated), rubber, etc., one has a plethora of options to chose from. This direction proved true with the booth of SONS Vintage and Brian Procell displaying and selling genuine deadstock items. Though remember, sometimes less is more…. be on watch for your favorite brand(s).

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Agenda Show