Capsule Show NYC 2012

Tucked away in Pier 36 aka Basketball City, a premier basketball facility in New York on South St., Capsule kicked off its men’s portion of the fashion and lifestyle trade event. Showcasing brands for only two-days, Capsule  provided well over one hundred brands from all over the world to exhibit to the New York/East Coast market. Capsule states that it “borrows inspiration from today’s mash-up culture” and it’s no exaggeration. Brands included outerwear companies to accessories  companies, ranging from a conscience sustainability  to premier quality business models. Along with an eye for innovative and progressive style Capsule tries to produce a snapshot of current and future directions of the market.

Another great thing that Capsule does is its ability to produce a great ambiance, from the sunlight facility to the free booze, which included Heineken and Ciroc, to loosen everyone up and its knick-knacks from Capsule branded pens, bracelets, notebooks, and water bottles. This set the stage for the journey and glimpse into the high-end contemporary fashion tradeshow that is known as Capsule.

Beyond its keen ability to create a comfortable, fun atmosphere and those trademark bracelets, Capsule did not under-deliver on its brand selection and participation. Its seems the snapshot for the industry is patterns, patterns, and… more pattern. Though this meant a more all-over prints than eyes should handle, there were a few stand out brands that did it just right. Another common thread I saw, no pun intended, is brands playing with pocket design including extending pocket length, shape and layout. In addition to the dizzying amount of brands, there was a  particular brand still concerned about a detail that no one seems to care about no more, quality graphic print t-shirts.

SNCL is a brand from London with it first launch this year, and an incredible attention to detail. Easily distinct from this years pack of brands, SNCL blurs the line between art and fashion.  Included in the sea of all-over prints was the use of vintage and vintage inspired fabrics, Unlikely Brothers is one of those brands that executed collection nicely. While there are more worthy mentions, peep the drop to see what else was happening around capsule.